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Multi Systems Inc. will demonstrate the latest in Laser Guided Tube Measuring at the Fabtech International Show at Booth# 2041.

2008 Recovery Act Extended through December 2009
According to Section 179 of the 2008 Recovery Act which has been extended through December 2009, up to $250,000 in qualified equipment can be written off in a single tax year as long as the equipment is purchased and used in 2009.

Multi Systems Inc. launches new website
Multi Systems Inc. would like to announce the launching of our newly designed web identity. Feel free to browse the site for information on our products and services and if you have any questions, please give us a call or an e-mail through the Contact Us page.

Non-Contact Probes
We offer a variety of non-contact probes in order to accomodate a variety of tube diameters and applications. The smallest probe shown is the micro-probe. The largest probe can measure a 7 inch diameter tube. Note that the probes with the longer prongs are designed specifically for Double-Precision measuring. This feature allows the probe to capture the location of the top and bottom of each tube section measured. The infrared beams are broken on the top and bottom of the tube on the way down, then on the bottom and top of the tube on the way up. The software then performs averaging calculations to reduce any error caused by tube diameter ovalness.

Contact Probes
This is a sample of the variety of point and ball probes that can be purchased for use with the MS5000Si. The larger ball probe is a 15 millimeter diameter probe. the smaller ball probe is a 6 milimeter diameter ruby probe.

Quick change self-aligning Probes to measure 1/8" to 6" tube diameters
Various contact probe sizes to measure fixtures, gauges and assemblies

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